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Shemale Strippers
The young man in the strip club had no idea what he was getting into when he got a little too touchy with the sexy girls on stage. He just thought they were beautiful women with tight bodies and great tits. He thought they wouldnt mind if he tugged on their clothes a little trying to get them off. He thought wrong though. They were beautiful shemales and they did not take kindly to his rude behavior. Even though he was waving money at them the ladies decided to teach him a lesson. In front of a large audience they fucked his virgin ass. They were much stronger than they looked at first glance and before he could do anything he was bent over the stage getting hammered up the ass big a surprisingly large shemale cock. The audience was watching and laughing and pointing and he was getting fucked so hard it was stirring up his innards. The other shemale stripper then whipped out her dick and stuffed it in his mouth so he was getting fucked on both ends. The night ended with him covered in cum and the ladies taking his money.

Who's the Bitch
You know the type of college girl you see in the movies that's such a bitch that she can't possibly be real? Well she's not only real, she's my fucking roommate. She treats me like I'm beneath her, and when she poured her drink on my face, it was the last straw. My friends thought of a great plan to turn the tables on her, and I couldn't wait for it to unfold. When the bitch came back to my room, my two friends jumped on her and pinned her down. They held her open and whipped out their enormous tranny pricks that were aimed right for her holes! She was finally going to realize how it is to be treated like a real bitch, as she bobbed up and down on a cock while I eased my way into her asshole. We all had fun ravaging her holes, as she was turned inside out by every shemale rod there. I had to admit, it was a great sexual release to pound the hell out of this tight bitch, as we all let loose inside her and all over her. I just had one bit of advice; shape up, or expect some more "fun" soon!

Picnic Interrupted
We had this day planned for such a long time! The weather was perfect, our food was fresh, the wine was good, and we were ready to have a picnic that would of course end with me and my shemale girlfriend fucking at home later. When we finally sat down to start, a fucking soccer ball shot to our blanket and ruined everything. Who was responsible? When we found out it was this cute, smooth boy, we weren't angry; we just moved up our naughty plans a bit earlier, and whipped out our big dicks to use on him. He was quite surprised at the sight of them, especially since we're two hot chicks, but there was nothing he could do about it! We stuffed his face so he'd shut up, and then opened up his asshole for every inch of our dicks. We couldn't believe how tight his virgin butt was, as we just barely got inside. We kept kissing as we rammed him, pretty much forgetting about who we were fucking since it was so passionate between us. That is, until we filled him up on both sides with our cum.

Schoolgirl's Rage
My girlfriend and I were casually having lunch in the park around school, and I noticed it was kind of breezy, especially in one area. I didn't notice that my cock was hanging out from below my dress; it was the school-assigned uniform that couldn't hide it! But of course two classmates noticed it, and started teasing us right away. Fuck that! We don't take any shit from boys! I immediately attacked him, but not with fists; with my now swollen cock. I bent him over the railing and started nailing his virgin ass. My girl captured the other one and showed him her long erection too. That just got me even harder inside his tight ass. After I wore the hell out of his asshole and shot my sticky load in him, he passed out. What a pussy! But I was ready to go again, and the dumb blond kid was ripe and ready. While my girl slammed his throat, I plunged my way into his butthole, making him scream. Thankfully it was muffled by her dick. We made him our slut, fucking him in every position until we left him tired and sticky as well. That'll teach them a lesson!

Shemale Sounding
We only had one thing on our minds today; a wonderful nonstop orgy with just us girls, and just our cocks, if you catch my drift. We're a little different than most of the shemales you've ever seen before, because not only do we have bigger, wider dicks, we like to fuck each other's urethra! I bet you've never seen that before! If you think an asshole is tight around our rigid peckers, you should try sticking your dick inside another tranny's hard cock! To be honest with you, I'm surprised we weren't covered in cum right away, because we were so horny after all that foreplay that we were about to burst! Thankfully we were able to control ourselves while still letting a lot of fluids flow. When it was time to shoot our cum, we aimed our dicks like they were bazookas and tried to coat every inch of our friends in sticky sperm. That was so much fun, we might just have an orgy every night for now on!

Shemale's Massive Surprise
After school, my girl and I decided to go over to my place and study. Yeah, right; we went over there because my parents were gone, and we could fuck! We're not your ordinary schoolgirls, and not because we don't look cute and have perky tits. It's because we both have dicks to go along with these bodies! We got naked, and I grabbed a hold of her dick to milk it for her. She felt something massive pushing back against her, and had no idea what she was in for. I never showed her my dick before, but when I did, her jaw hit the floor! I mean, hers is a nice size and everything, and I love sucking on it and making her cum on my face, but there was no way she could possibly do the same with my dick! In fact, my cock is so big, that she could actually fuck it with hers, which is exactly what she did! What a smart babe. It actually felt really good to have her in there, and just as she shot her load, I exploded and covered the room with my cream. I'm glad she likes it, because she'll be seeing plenty more of it soon enough!

Accidents Will Happen
Lots of people work out in this area, trying to break a sweat, and I was one of them. I've seen some hot chicks before, but never like these two, with their tits half popping out and everything. Of course I never saw the fucking tree stump either before I nailed it with my bike. When I came to, they were both over me, wondering if I was okay. I was still out of it, but they were getting ready to help me feel better. They whipped out their tits and rubbed my body down with them, running my cock in between them as well as smothering my face with them. The blonde had me stand up and was working over my dick, sucking me until I shot my load in her mouth. It felt so good, and then I turned around to see what the other girl was doing, and she was armed with her enormous dick! "Don't say a word" she told me as she covered my mouth and eased her big cock into my ass. Holy shit, it filled up my colon! She grabbed my waist and pounded me hard while her friend kept sucking. Now I was really into it, because the sensation of being fucked and sucked at the same time was bliss! She then pulled out of me and fucked her friend's asshole while she jerked me off, before going back to me again. She shot her load in my mouth, and then sucked me while I drank her friend's pussy juices, before she got some double stuffing! We all ended up being covered in jizz, and that's one accident I wouldn't mind having again!

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