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Fuck Friends
When things get downright boring for us when we're hanging out is when we know what we have to do to liven things up. So we headed back to my place for some great fun, because that's what us t-girls do! My girlfriends were laying on the bed already, pawing at each other's clothes and exposing their big tits. I was already getting really hard, as I could feel my skirt lift up because of my boner. Finally, we were all nude and ready for action. We made sure to work over each other's bodies with our tongues, especially our nipples and then our massive members. I tell you, nothing feels better than to have your protruding pecker sliding deep inside a shemale friend's ass while she's getting sucked off by your other hot shemale friend! It's an amazing feeling! We took turns doing this, sharing our dicks like good friends do, and fucking each other really hard as our big tits bounced up and down from the thrusting. We sucked, licked, fucked and stroked all night until we all exploded all over each other's faces, and then licked every last drop off of each other. Now that beats going out for drinks any night of the week!

Angry Waitress
My girlfriend brought some stupid chick whom she called her friend to our Valentines Day date. I hated that, and I guess I was bitching all over the place. The waitress was super hot, but somehow she had to handle most of my bitching. I retreated to the bathroom to puff on a spliff to cool myself down a bit. Suddenly the waitress stormed in there and pulled out her breathtaking jugs. I was ready to go down on them, and then she pulled her skirt down to reveal a massive veiny cock looking right at me. I felt high and up to something, so the joint was replaced with her member as she hit the roach. I felt her get very hard, and I felt like paying for being such an asshole, so I let her slam into my virgin butt. She fucked me like a slut and withdrew to fill my throat with her juice. Happy Valentine's Day! ;)

Disco Fucking
I was having a great time hanging out at the club, while eyeballing all the fine pieces of ass that were around. I looked around, and I was definitely the luckiest guy there, because all these big-titted black booties were dancing all around me! They all had really short skirts or dresses, so I thought that I would take a peek at what's around. I dropped down low and gazed up, and what met my eyes were big chocolate rods with huge balls! These chicks were packing some serious cocks, and I figured it was time for me to make my exit. I went to move out to the door, but when I turned around, there were four busty black shemales waiting for me. I was screwed! They dragged me into a back room and stripped me down to nothing along the way. My ass was spanked red, and all I can see were huge tits and even bigger dicks. They taped my mouth shut, which was good, because I was screaming when they kept pounding my virgin ass. Over and over again, they shot their loads in me and on me, covering me in jizz. Finally, for their last orgasm, they all shot it in my mouth. I'm gonna choose my clubs more wisely next time.

I love just lounging around in sexy lingerie and pantyhose. It makes me feel so sexy, and I know it's a turn-on for anyone who sees me in them! It's also why I'm so fucking broke all the time. Of course as I'm pondering all of this, my fucking landlady shows up at the door. She's bitching once again about the rent, and complaining that I spend too much money on needless things when I can just go around the house naked. What a weird thing to say! Just then, she whipped off her skirt and said "I'm going to get the rent from you, one way or another!", and she pointed her humongous cock at me! Geez, I didn't know she was a shemale too! She powered her dick into my mouth, gagging me with it down my throat and making drool pour all over it. She then ripped up my favorite pair of pantyhose to drill me hard in the ass. She was so powerful that I had no control over the situation! She grabbed my tits from behind as she rammed me deeper and harder than I've ever felt before, making me shoot my cum all over myself before she pulled her pecker out and shot her load all over my face. She then said "see you next month" and bolted out the door. Looks like I need to start saving my money!

A Magical Land
I couldn't believe all of these ghouls and goblins around me. What kind of fucking enchanted forest is this? Finally a magical sprite appeared and saved me from all the terror, and offered me a way out. "How can I repay you?" I asked her. "Oh, I have something in mind." She brought me to this group of cute sprites with huge tits. I felt my dick getting hard at the sight of them all enjoying themselves in a huge lesbian orgy, and then I couldn't control it any longer. When it popped out, they were all stunned at first at its size. But then they all got really wet and wanted to feel it. So there we were, all taking turns licking pussy, them sucking my cock, and fucking them nice and deep in both their pussies and assholes. I didn't think they would want to try and make it fit, but they did! Finally my cock erupted, and released a torrent of cream all over every single one of them. Now they can rescue me any time, even if I don't need help!

Runnin' With the Devil
Being a gorgeous angel has it's perks, but one of them is not the constant temptations from the pixie devils that roam around looking for a good time. Today, I wasn't expecting one to be so forceful with her advances. I honestly liked the fact that I was being controlled, but I definitely wasn't ready for what happened next. As I was lying there naked and vulnerable, She unleashed her massive cock right before my eyes! I had never seen anything so large and soaking wet before, and even though I tried to fight it, seeing that large pecker coupled with the fact that her tongue on my clit felt magical, I let her in without question. She fucked me hard and deep, and as we both came, she quickly darted away, leaving me in a sweaty, pussy-pounded heap.

Avon Lady
Looking to get a quick jerk before my daily studies took over, I was relaxing on my couch in my bedroom clothes until there was a knock on the door. Behind it was a gorgeous saleslady who wanted to sell me some makeup products. I didn't even realize that my erect cock was peeking out of my pantyhose, but she sure did! She helped herself to it by leading me to the couch and stroking my cock, and then I realized that she had a large dick as well! It felt so good to have it in my mouth, slurping away at her long shaft. She tore open my pantyhose and fucked me like I had never been penetrated before. She was really manhandling me! She finished me off in her mouth, and I got to taste her hot, sticky cum as well. Now what was she selling again?

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